Volterra is a unique and wonderful place for history, culture and nature. The City stands up an isolated hill in the heart of Tuscany. From its end it is possible to admire one of the most beautiful Tuscan landscapes. It was one of the 12 Etruscan lucumonies with the ancient name of Velathri, later becoming an important strategic center in the Roman and in the Medieval Age.

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Montieri is a medieval village in the Tuscan Maremma. Based up of 1000 meters hill it is surrounded by nature and chestnut woods. Montieri is a wonderful and peaceful village, it has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by large wooded and by the proximity to the sea.The territory is rich in bronze and silver deposits, thanks to these in the past it has had an important economy.

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Mazzolla is a special village surrounded by Tuscan nature. The first village dates back to the year 1000. Inside the walls stands a manor house and a church. Today it is inhabited by about 25 people, from here start incredible experiences in nature, both on horseback and mountain biking. A characteristic restaurant provides every need.

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